the last dream


Created, played and directed by Teatrino Giullare
Scenes by
Original music by
Arturo Annecchino
performed on stage by
Massimiliano Gagliardi
Produced by Teatrino Giullare

"I have not got in this business because I wanted to create something that I liked but because I wanted to get rid of what I disliked.
I have no taste. I disgust. I was never interested in launching fashions, fads are what you follow when you do not know who you are. I could not see those poor women suffocated in the rigid dress of the Belle Epoque with those heavy hats. How could a brain function under those things? I freed the woman giving her comfortable clothes, giving her the freedom to move, think and speak. I gave the woman the freedom of speaking .... oh my God, what have I done! "


Teatrino Giullare from the unfinished and unpublished text
Coco by BM Koltès, prepares an original writing focused on Coco Chanel, personality which has been able to revolutionize the concept of femininity and establish itself as a major figure in popular culture and myth of the twentieth century.
Between dream and reality, lights and shadows, Coco recounts her extraordinary life with an ironic take on the modern world, the role of women and art.











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