Am ziel

by Thomas Bernhard


Played and directed by

Teatrino Giullare


Teatrino Giullare Production

with Regione Emilia Romagna and

 Comune di Bologna

project  winner 

special prize ubu


Here everything moves in the most unnatural way

which is, after all, the most natural thing in the world.

Thomas Bernhard



A visionary staging by Teatrino Giullare as it wrestles with the verbal delirium of Thomas Bernhard and the staggering depth of his writing. The distorted humanity of Bernhardís characters finds appropriate expression in the lyricism of the Company which has made the relationship between the human and the artificial the very substance of its creative research. The staging is both disciplined and innovative, with surprising scene stealers that enhance the rhythm and fascinatingly ambiguous nature of the play.


A rather inhumane mother and her inflexible daughter prepare for their usual holiday by the sea; in the midst of old clothes and distant memories, there is a hovering anxiety over the imminent arrival of the new and practically unknown travelling companion. The ritual packing and unpacking of suitcases and the anxious feeling of reaching a destination that is already known to be disappointing is explored by a great playwright who is spiky, cynical, absolutely lucid, controversial, amusing and disturbing.




Captivating. The power of Thomas Bernhardís prose is mysteriously compelling.

Masolino DíAmico, La Stampa


A highly evocative work. The two actors lack neither ingenuity nor courage.

Renato Palazzi, Il Sole 24 Ore.


A little jewel.

Claudia Cannella, Corriere della Sera


Exquisite performance.

Giulio Frafuso, Close up



Disquieting and effective

Mario Bianchi, Eolo.


A happy "infidelity" with all the perfidious original humour.

Sara Chiappori, La Repubblica


Don't leave it pass

Luca Vido, Il Giorno


Visually  exact and fascinating.

Piergiorgio Nosari, LíEco di Bergamo