The Comedians


international performance with actors and puppets
played and directed by teatrino giullare
masks fratelli de marchi - scenes and costumes by cikuska
music from italian operas and zarzuelas
production teatrino giullare with the support of provincia di bologna, regione emilia romagna

A comic and poetic performance: the triumph of the masks and a review of the themes of the Commedia dell'Arte in a modern and ironic look.
Two actors give life to the stylized and surreal characters of Italian theatrical tradition mixing drama, music and puppetry. An essential scenography and leather masks, especially made by famous masters mascherari, the costumes that stand out as hints of color and poetry are the tools to evoke the main characters of this ancient Italian theatrical technique (Harlequin, Pantalone, Capitano .. .)
Funny episodes of puppet theater with an universal language, mainly mimic, a lot of music and a few words in Italian, which can be integrated in English or in any language; the performance has a unique style of improvisation that creates a special feeling with the audience and is suitable for children and audiences of all kinds, nationality and age.

One of the most successful shows by Teatrino Giullare performed in a lot of international tours around the world (Europe, Canada, Russia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Kenia, Ethiopia, Argentina, Uruguay, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iran...).




Modern in every respect, comic and yet poetic. Using sounds, music, humour and improvisation the show kept the audience laughing from beginning to end. R. Chander THE HINDU (India)

Entertaining and full of vitality [...] rhythm and versatility in exploiting ambiguities and surprises in an interplay of comedy and merry-making. Ruth Mehl, LA NACION (Argentina)

The audience was captured by the universal language of music, the comic jokes, the improvisation. P.P. Hinojos DIARO DE ALCALÀ ( Spain)

An effective contribution to the understanding of Italian theatre. Danilo Lamenza Mauri, SAN JOSÈ HOY (Uruguay)

Entertainment and the great tradition of Commedia dell'Arte. A. Pecchioli, LA NAZIONE (Italy)

The work with the actors and puppets is extremely talented. And there is an ironc nail which makes us think behind the obvious. Mikael Kosk, HBL, (Finland)

In this show, the Teatrino Giullare reflects in a highly poetical and ironical manner on the state of humanity. YENI ASIR. (Turkey)


The audience was held spellbound. The show portrays a universal theme, equally understood by children as well as adults, with a lot of matter for after- thought. Bilal Mohammad Ali, THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL (Pakistan)

A modern Commedia dell'Arte with poetic atmospheres. Ada Archipova, DIARIA, (Belarus)


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